About Bloons Games

The Bloons game series is a simple yet fantastically addictive series of Skill Games that can have you hooked from the word go. This balloon popping game phenomenon was created in mid 2007 by Ninja kiwi and soon swept across the internet, the original Bloons Game proved such a hit that many games like bloons were made, the Bloons games are based on 1 simple aim, to pop all the balloons!

The original game was created back in April 2007 and since it's creation a whole series of the different balloon popping games have been created.

The concept of the original game and many in its series is simple, to control a monkey & pop balloons using darts. With this being the gist of the game, you may wonder how the game has become such a huge phenomenon over the internet. The answer lies in its simplicity.

NinjaKiwi successfully designed a game that was easy to master and provided the gamer with a source of instant fun. The typical casual gamer is exactly that, 'casual'. They are not looking for an immersive game that will absorb too much of their time, instead they seek a game that can be loaded and played within seconds, without the need to explore detailed areas of the game or spend a whole day getting to grips with it. This is why millions of people have already played all the different Bloons games.

Since the launch of the first game, we have seen a few copies produced with several slightly different themes, but these copies have failed to make anyway headway on the Bloons brand.

With countless flash gaming sites publishing the Bloons series of games, no other competitor will likely be able to steal the casual gaming crowd that now follow NinjaKiwi. You can read more about why we think Bloons is so popular.

Currently there are 11 different games in the umbrella. 7 follow the original Bloons game concept, these are:

All of these balloon popping games are fairly similar, the differing factors being each levels design and variety of obstacles that make popping the balloons more difficult.

New Bloons games are becoming less regular as Ninjakiwi focuses its attention on other successful brands. We will keep you up to date on any new releases in the future.

All the games involve controlling a small brown monkey that fires a dart at a bunch of balloons. You have control over the direction and speed of each dart. Your monkey is always positioned in the bottom left corner of the screen and you fire the darts over to the right hand side.

The balloons are not always easily exposed to your darts and you will find that a lot of the time, especially in the later levels, you will need to use precise judgment to throw the darts over and beyond obstacles to pop the balloons. This can lead to many levels being repeated over and over again due to high failure, until you manage to pop that annoying elusive balloon or two.

You will find that most levels contain separate bunches of balloons in which case you have to target more than one group to complete the level, so you must be more careful with your darts.

Some levels contain ice blocks, which when hit will freeze out a surrounding number of the balloons making it impossible to pop these and reducing the likelihood that you will complete a level, these ice blocks must be avoided, in the unfortunate event that you hit even one of these ice blocks, the chances are you will have failed to complete the level.

In many of the game's levels you don't have to pop all the balloons, but instead a certain percentage. The percentage generally increases after each level. Read How to Play Bloons if you would like some basic pointers on the game.

On occasions you will find that your Monkey is able to pick up power ups such as a multi dart throw or even a boomerang.

The later levels of the Bloons games become very tricky and you will need a hell of alot of patience to complete them! Some levels will start to introduce a 100% pop rate or some very tricky obstacles that will need to be overcome with the most acute of dart throws in order to pop sufficient enough balloons. For example one of the most common questions searched for is How do I get past level 30 on the original Bloons game.

NinjaKiwi has also introduced 3 games of a differing concept to the original game. These are the 'Tower Defense' series of games. Taken from an idea that has been used before by other game makers, the series of games focuses on defending a pathway from which many balloons float through. You build different towers with a variety of defense and offense capabilities to pop the balloons that pass through your paths.

Popping the balloons awards you with extra money from which to invest in upgrading existing towers or building new ones. Each round becomes progressively harder with more balloons floating through at a faster rate.

We will be adding new bloons games as they are released by Ninjakiwi so keep coming back for more fun.

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