The original in the Bloons game series comprises of 50 levels of balloon popping fun. The levels all differ in terms of the number of balloons on the screen, the percentage of balloons needed to be popped to advance, the variety of obstacles to avoid with your darts and the special bonuses that can be obtained to aid your quest.

Bloons involves 4 different coloured balloons, red, yellow, blue and green, their colours bare no significance to the game, they are simply their for show.

At the end of each level you have a chance to continue to the next or replay the existing one if your not happy with your percentage popped.

The first level of Bloons is very simple, 1 bunch of balloons and plenty of darts to pop the right amount, it's a no thrills level mainly designed to show you how to play the game. Any one with serious gaming skills should be ashamed to fail this level! regardless of whether it is their first time or hundredth time of playing!

The second level proves slightly harder, still only 1 bunch of balloons, but double the amount and fewer darts to use, even so, you should find this level fairly easy to complete with the target being 70 balloons to be popped.

The third level of Bloons game introduces pins held inside special balloons, when you pop them they fire out a multiple spread of pins that pop many surrounding balloons, they are pink in colour and very hard to miss. In some of the later levels popping these balloons will prove vital to the success of your mission. Other specials include a multi dart balloon, once popped this balloon will enable you to throw three darts at once on your next turn. This special can seriously help you pop a large amount of balloons.

As the levels progress you will find the layout of the balloons becomes more complex and your likelihood of popping the given percentage will be very much reduced. Even so you should expect to get through the first 10 levels in a short amount of time.

Level 25 onwards sees levels become much trickier and you may find yourself repeating them over and over again before you find success. This can be prove very frustrating, but one of the handy features about the bloons games is that so long as you don't clear the cache in your temporary internet files, the game will save your progress, so you can return to attempt the level again later, we can't see why you wouldn't, this game is very addictive!

If you're too lazy or not up for the challenge carried by the standard setting of the Bloons game there is an unlimited darts option available to activate, although why Ninjakiwi introduced this option to Bloons is slightly baffling as it robs the game of all its purpose and fun.

Enjoy playing Bloons at All Bloons Games. Once you have completed the first game, why not move onto Bloons Player Pack 1.