bloons popularity

It's been around for some time now, since its release in April 2007, Bloons has been played a phenomenal amount of times. Yet if you explore the online flash games market, there are a huge number of other games that deserve just as much if not more credit for their design and enjoyment as Bloons. Play the Bloons games here.

This means that Bloons has become more than just a free and enjoyable game; it has become a major games brand for millions of online avid fans. The simplicity of the original game was what originally caught the attention of many gamers and this also meant Ninjakiwi could churn out many more versions of Bloons with little effort. This explains why there have been 5 player packs and 2 other games of the same concept since the original.

Yet if you actually think about it, that's still a small amount of sequels for a game that is so easy to replicate.

The answer to this question could be that Ninjakiwi has now started to focus more inward with its Bloons brand. With the launch of Bloons World, fans can sign up and build their own levels for free, then submit them online for many other fans to play. With this site rapidly becoming a focal point for the brand, we are less likely to more of the original games that can be found dotted about 1000's of websites.

Regardless of how many more of the games we will see, it is worth exploring the popularity of the brand a little more. Without doubt one of the main factors behind Bloons success is the fact that a monkey was mixed up with a bunch of darts and balloons. These 3 elements, when combined together, make a game series that is very hard to forget. The games can be looked on mostly as a puzzle genre, they have a wide market appeal, both demographic and age wise. If we consider a lot of the other games out on the market, yes they offer elements of creativity, immersive ness and addictiveness, but they don't have as broader appeal as Bloons.

It can be very much compared to Pop Caps popular bejeweled series. Again this is also a puzzle genre and is played by a wide range of people, from children to mature adults. The concept is kept simple, so it is easy to remember, the game is incredibly colourful and requires little time to learn, its more of an enjoyable challenge to achieve a high score than to spend hours figuring out how to play the game. Thus it holds great appeal to the casual gaming fan.

bloons tower defense

In the middle of enjoying such success with player packs, Ninjakiwi then released the Tower Defense games to strength the brand even further. These have also proved incredibly popular and can actually be more addictive to play than the original games. Tower defense games were around along time before Ninjakiwi shoved their monkey into the fold, but because Bloons was such a talked about online game, no one cared about the similarity this series shared with other previously created flash games, it was just another excuse to love Bloons more!

So what next for Ninjakiwi's Bloons ? Well we wouldn't be surprised if we saw Bloons toys popping up on the market street. A serious toy manufacturer would be missing out on a golden opportunity not to buy the rights to do something magical with the online monkey in an offline world.

Perhaps porting the game to a video console and enhancing some of its features would also be a successful move.

It just goes to show that there is huge potential in developing a brand of flash games, with the flash platform itself just the beginning of a potential huger launch into various others areas of the games industry.