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Bloons is a game involving a monkey who throws darts at a big bunch of balloons in attempt to pop them all.

There are many games in the series, with the first ever game, simply called Bloons, play the original game here.

The game's monkey mascot is a small, little brown chimp that has an excellent dart throw and a sharp eye for balloon popping. Throughout the games you will find various obstacles you will have to overcome with your darts in order to pop a sufficient amount of balloons to move on to the next level.

The first monkey dart game - Bloons, was founded in April 97, almost 2 years ago, since its launch, many other games have emerged from this gem. As well as the Player packs and a few other similar games, Bloons Tower Defense series has been launched.

This time you can use many monkeys, darts and dart towers in order to stop the balloons from escaping along a windy path. As the levels progress, the balloon influx becomes more aggressive and it becomes much harder to stem the flow.

There are some cool monkey defense systems in the tower defense series, including Ninja Monkeys, who instead of throwing darts throw blades similar to Ninja stars. There is even a selection of Super Monkeys available at your disposal. Play the tower defense games here - td 1, td 2 & td 3.