Level 30 of the original Bloons Game has proved a huge pain in the back side for many fans. Some resist looking for the answer trying desperately to figure it out for themselves, but most people buckle under sheer frustration in the end.

If you were anything like us, you may have thought the answer was to rebound the dart against the bottom ice balloon whilst popping a few near it, thus creating a barrier that you can rebound your 2nd and final dart against to reach the bottom bomb balloon.

bloons level 30

You will find out that even this strategy will have you pulling your hair out as you can only reach up to a maximum of 25 balloons and yet you require 28!

The Answer:

It's the least thing you would expect but if you put max power into your dart, with the first dart throw, you can shoot through the metal block and set off the very bottom bomb! See for yourself by viewing the image on your right!

This leaves you with one dart to polish off 4 more balloons to reach the target of 28 and get past this annoying level that must have had you cursing ever so slighty.

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